How Do I Choose Colors for My Home?

Choosing colors is a very personal thing. Often the colors in your home reflect your personality or your moods. Colors are generally divided into three areas; warm colors, cool colors, and neutral colors.

  • Warm colors stimulate the senses and feel cozy and more intimate while adding energy and vibrancy. Included in the warm color spectrum is red, orange, pink, yellow, and gold.
  • Reds reflect vibrancy and fill a room with energy, making it a great choice for any room where you entertain, or in a bedroom. This is the prefect wake-up color.
  • Oranges tend to lend themselves best to the clean lines of a home office. It can add a masculine touch to any room.
  • Pinks are inviting and add softness to create a soothing environment perfect for a bedroom. Deep shades of pink can also be a very elegant surprise in a dining room.
  • Yellows are cheerful and inspire creativity and a sunshine fresh attitude. This is a great color to use in a kitchen, dining room, or living room to create a cozy family atmosphere.
  • Gold is the color of confidence. It was once considered a formal color. It creates brightness in a small space such as a bathroom, or it can add a rich stunning look to a bedroom or living room.

Next month we’ll discuss cool colors. Please come visit us in our expanded showroom and experience all the colors available.

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