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Beautiful vinyl flooring installed in a kitchen and dining room.

Vinyl Flooring

The floors in your home take a beating over the years, especially those in rooms where there is a heavy footfall. Even the most expensive luxury hardwood floors will need refinishing over the years, and for some rooms there are reasons why vinyl flooring may be the best option.

Vinyl flooring comes in either sheets or planks. These are laid together to make a complete floor, and when this is done professionally the result is a truly beautiful floor at an affordable price. Vinyl floors are made by layers of vinyl bonded together with a high-quality photograph of the desired finish applied to the top. This is then protected by a clear coating.

The result is a floor that is durable, comfortable underfoot, and that can come in a massive selection of finishes. The Front Range Interiors Company range of vinyl floors includes those that replicate wood finishes, plus stone, tile, and solid colours. We promise you the best service in the business at the right prices.

Where Vinyl is Best

Vinyl floors can be fitted anywhere in the home for the same wonderful effect. The synthetic nature and ease of maintenance makes this type of floor a popular choice for kitchens where stains and spills can simply be wiped away. In living rooms where there are pets and children this ease of maintenance and cleaning feature is also a benefit.

As one of the most affordable and cost-effective methods of achieving a quality finish to your floors vinyl is a sensible path to head down if you are on a strict budget, and at The Front Range Interiors Company we do all we can to accommodate each client that comes to us.

About Our Service

The Front Range Interiors Company are experts in all types of flooring from vinyl to laminate, plus hardwood, tiling and more. We are here to ensure there is a quality vinyl flooring service affordable to all with no compromises. Get in touch with one of our team about our vinyl floor solutions and we will give you a free no obligation quote that we are confident will impress you.

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